Wednesday 14 September to Thursday 15 September 2016

Mall Galleries, London SW1

Welcome to Art for Youth London

This highly popular art exhibition has consistently provided quality artwork at affordable prices, giving art enthusiasts the opportunity to buy pieces by talented contemporary artists. The quality of the art displayed is exceptional and buyers have the added satisfaction in knowing that their purchases have not only benefited hundreds of artists, they have also changed the lives of thousands of young people across the country through the charity UK Youth. 

Artists donate 35% of their sales to the charity.

As well as enjoying the paintings, sculptures, ceramics and photographs on display, visitors can also buy postcards from mystery artists and take part in our live auction, silent auction and raffle - the proceeds of which go entirely to the charity.

About 2,000 people visit this exhibition every year so it is recommended that tickets are
pre-ordered to ensure a space.

Art for Youth London thanks the following artists for giving their permission to feature their artwork on this website:

Santiago Alcon Camas, Bee Bartlett, Christine Bideau, Abigail Box, Laure Bury, Cassandra Constant and Colin Willey

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