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'Angel' halos can be acquired in donation. Just click on your halo of choice or complete the form:

As an Art for Youth London ‘Angel’, you play an integral 'behind the scenes' part in the ultimate success of the exhibition itself. This year we are sponsored by Rathbones, but your support will matter more than ever to ensure that every penny raised at the exhibition goes directly to support young people in the UK. 


We need to pay for the gallery hire, which is not quite covered by the sponsorship. Other ancillary costs amount to about £18,000 and include printing, professional picture hangers, display board hire, wine, glass rental, waiters and promotional expenses. Your invaluable ‘Angel’ generosity absorbs these costs. 

All ‘Angels’ receive free tickets to the event and will be gratefully acknowledged, both at the exhibition and on this website.


Art for Youth London extends a huge thank you to the following people for their generosity in becoming our “Angels” and Angel Supporters for 2019:


Tim Begg; Natalie Chase; Julie Dickson; Anna Elisabeth Ely; Lady Griffiths; Jenny MacDonald; Issy MacDonald; Anna Melluish; Christopher Melluish; Sam Melluish; Alistair Murray; Miles Moreland; L M O'Brien; Elisabeth Rutherford; Mr & Mrs Shafran; Meg, Lady Thomas; and Ted Townsend.

If you would like to join our group of “Angels”, please visit the UK Youth donation page (writing ‘Angel’ in the feedback section). Alternatively, please complete the form here, indicating how many silver, golden or diamond halos you would like. If you could provide a contact number, we will call you to arrange payment.


Donations of any other amount are also most welcome.

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