Case studies of charitable youth work


Tisha takes part in EmpowHER and develops valuable new skills


Before taking part in EmpowHER, Tisha had finished sixth form and her seasonal contract in retail had recently ended. She felt at a loss and without direction, and she was in a crucial place with her anxiety levels, which were having a damaging effect on her life. Tisha enjoyed being creative but felt that there was a lack of creative opportunities in her area.


During EmpowHER Tisha attended weekly sessions with the other young women in her group, and she described it as her ‘safe haven’, which offered a unique opportunity to discuss issues and share personal stories. She explained, “It was a space we could just come and be ourselves, share our experiences and support each other”.


Michael gains in confidence as a result of taking part in Reach Up


Michael is a NEET young person with confidence and mental health issues, he has been involved with the job centre for several years. He faced multiple personal barriers in his life and has been unable to secure employment.


As a result of taking part in Reach Up, Michael’s confidence has increased dramatically. He felt that the course had been particularly valuable for him because he had gained management and organisational skills.



Matt becomes a youth mentor


Matt is 20. He lives in Basingstoke, has spent most of his childhood in care and until recently was homeless, jobless and had turned to drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism. Luckily for Matt, he had one stable influence – his local youth group – Basingstoke Voluntary Action.



Agnes receives the ‘Youth of the Year – England’ award


Agnes came to England from Africa at the age of 15. She left a young son behind, having given birth at the age of 13. When Agnes arrived she did not speak English and struggled to understand British culture. At first she lived with family, but their relationship was difficult and Agnes ended up in social housing. As a young person on her own, without a support network around her, and lacking the tools to study or work, Agnes was lonely and frustrated.



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