Committee behind the charity art event

Art for Youth Committee




Vice Chairman

Hon. Treasurer

Creative Director

Lady Griffiths

Diana Brooks

Sam Melluish

Philippa Hogan-Hern

Tim Begg

Caitlin Mavroleon

Invitation Committee

Lucy Ball

Emily Calvert

Clementine Carswell

Anne Celik

Karen Doherty

Sarah Levien

Duncan MacIntyre

Aran Matharu

Felicia Fenston Morris

Julia Neville

Mark Soden

Flora Stobart

Ted Townsend

Carina Wentzel

Main Committee

Guy Allen

Arabella Atlee

Sarah Austin

Arabella Brooke

Charlie Brooks

Alex Campbell-Harris

Annabelle Elliott

Henry Foreman

Caroline Hanson

Jen MacDonald

Nick Melluish

Kiersty Newman

Cecily Snagge

Catherine Townson

Sarah Wadham

Anthony Yannaghas

Emily Younger

Honorary Committee Members

Reggie Davies; Charlotte Hill; Norma Martin; Christopher Melluish; Meg, Lady Thomas; 
Elisabeth Rutherford; Caroline Wentzel

© Art for Youth London 2020

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