Case study: Matt

Matt is 20. He lives in Basingstoke, has spent most of his childhood in care and until recently was homeless, jobless and had turned to drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism. Luckily for Matt, he had one stable influence – his local youth group – Basingstoke Voluntary Action.


Matt’s youth workers and his passion for music encouraged him to take part in The Big Music Project. This is an initiative led by UK Youth and Global to connect with young people from some of the most deprived areas of the UK through their love of music.


The project aims to empower and inspire participants to develop skills, build their self-esteem and access diverse careers in the music industry, from hairdressing and stage building to becoming a sound engineer or record producer.


Through The Big Music Project, Matt learnt how to express his feelings and his confidence slowly began to grow. He felt empowered to perform at The Big Music Project finals at the O2 Arena and our annual UK Youth Gala Dinner where he received a fantastic response.


Matt has been able to channel his frustration and anger into something positive and in this regard he has proved to be a fantastic role model for other young people. He is now a youth mentor for the Big Music Project, is making new music in a studio whilst receiving support from his youth worker to improve his CV.

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