Case study: Michael

Michael is a NEET young person with confidence and mental health issues. He has been involved with the job centre for several years. He faced multiple personal barriers in his life and has been unable to secure employment.


As a result of taking part in Reach Up, Michael’s confidence has increased dramatically. He felt that the course had been particularly valuable for him because he had gained management and organisational skills.


Michael said, “Reach Up was something different to other courses I’ve done before. It’s been more beneficial than other employment courses I’ve been on. It’s not just classroom based, it’s practical and that’s what has built my confidence”.


Michael also attended the end of the pilot celebration to meet other participants and continue his journey with CCEP. He spoke of his improved daily routine since Reach Up, starting the day at 9:00am which will help him to get used to the routine of regular working hours.

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