Three generations of volunteers

19th October 2017


One vital ingredient to the success of Art for Youth London is the dedication of its volunteers. About 68 of them man the exhibition each year. And Art for Youth London couldn’t exist without them. Now, in the exhibition’s 30th year, many of its volunteers are now three generations of the same families so it easy to see why the atmosphere, even if highly charged with time pressures, has been described as “coming home”.


Here are some of them: 



Meg Lady Thomas, Charlie Brooks and Diana Brooks

Alice Stobart, Elisabeth Rutherford and Flora Stobart

Ann Mavroleon Dixon, Caitlin Mavroleon and JEM Mavroleon

Kate Green, Hiroko Melluish, Jimmu Melluish, Nick Melluish and Christopher Melluish

This partially familial workforce ensures that the success of Art for Youth will continue to paint a better picture for Britain’s young people for years to come!


Would you like to volunteer this year and join the family? If so, please visit our Volunteering page.

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