Special awards

Diana Brooks Prize

All artists aged 35 or under, who are exhibiting at Art for Youth London, are eligible for the Diana Brooks Prize. 


The prize-winning work is the personal choice of Diana Brooks, who founded the exhibition in 1987. Entry for the prize is free, and it serves as an artistic encouragement for the prize-winner, who receives £1,000.


The 2019 winner of the Diana Brooks Prize went to the artist, Max Baccanello, who has exhibited with the Pastel Society at Mall Galleries, where he won the Unison Colour Young Artist Award, and the Chelsea Arts Society, where he won the Green and Stone Art Prize. 

After graduating from Shrewsbury School, where he was awarded the art scholarship, Max attended a foundation course in fine art at Chelsea College of Art and Design at the University of Arts London. After completing this course, Max studied at Charles H Cecil Studio in Florence, Italy, where tuition was focused on academic portraiture in the lineage of traditional representational art and sight size technique.

Eversleigh Investment and Property Co Ltd is the current sponsor of the Diana Brooks Prize. Privately owned by a family with a deep interest and involvement in the Arts, the organisation is involved in the team creation and management of operational environments. 

Winners of the Diana Brooks Prize

Afshin Naghouni Reach Prize

This prize is awarded by the artist Afshin Naghouni for artistic excellence with a focus on diversity and social inclusion. Entry for the prize is free. In 2018, this prize will be for £1,500, sponsored by Julie Dickson.

In 2017, the Afshin Naghouni Reach Prize was won by Nasser Teymourpour. Nasser received his BA in industrial design and his MA in stage design. He has experience in design, media and photography, but is best known as a photographer and conceptual artist. His work, "chamar", featured at the first Iranian Conceptual Art Exhibition at Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. He has held three solo exhibitions and has participated in more than 20 group shows.

"What has passed in the past?! History, myth, tale and art, each have had their own answer to this question. Nevertheless, history in the narrative of myths has always had particular significance to me; the answers born from thoughts, interests and wishes of those from the past; tales which are less debated and the phrase, legend or myth makes it easier for us to accept them and even at times we become such believers in them that we assume other stories to be fake and false.

To me the battle between good and evil is one of the most attractive amongst all these tales and myths; from Tishtar and Aposh to Rostam and the White Demon."

Winners of the Afshin Naghouni Reach Prize

Parker Prize

This prize is funded anonymously and is a prize for creative excellence awarded by the artist Alice Shirley. Entry for the prize is free and the prize-winner receives £1,000.

The 2017 winner of the Parker Prize was Minty Sainsbury. Minty studied architecture at the University of Cambridge, graduating top of her year in 2013, and went on to work in a London architectural practice. Here she discovered that the drawing board no longer has a place in the modern architectural office, so she returned to the pencil with the intention of keeping the art of architectural drawing alive. Her background in architecture has not only influenced her choice of subject matter but also her style of drawing, her understanding of spatial design is clearly expressed in the compositions of her drawings.

"As a young artist starting out, it was a huge honour to be awarded the Parker Prize in 2017. It was really encouraging to have my work acknowledged by the judges, who themselves are artists I admire. The prize money allowed me to travel and discover new architectural wonders, which will inspire future drawing projects." 

Winners of the Parker Prize

Max Baccanello, 2019 winner of the Diana Brooks Prize

Nasser Teymourpour (left), 2017 winner of the Afshin Naghouni Reach Prize

Minty Sainsbury (left), 2017 winner of the Parker Prize

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